Saturday, July 2, 2016

Interstellar Spaceship: Mars and beyond

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Contacting Highly Advanced Alien Civilization
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Elaborate explanation life beyond Earth.
Peace and loving must popularity at all.
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Spaceship, Multi Planet Species, Spacestation para ika survive ng lahi ng Tao.
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Introduction to Light Speed Propulsion System
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Information of Travel in near to full Speed of Light . The Space Program to Mars and Beyond in more fastest travel in few weeks only on one drop mission in complete package. Including Hints of Advanced Technology for Space and Human Settlement Colony at Mars.

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Comparissons of Rockets

The Big Rocket:
Sea Dragon
Saturn V
with 5 million pounds per thruster 
 Delta IV Rocket

Time Machine or Time Travell not Really Exist
Gravities Effects All
The Mars Program on One Drop Package Mission

Friday, April 29, 2016

Evildoers , Bulong ng mga Demonyo Araw at Gabi

Evildoers , Bulong ng mga Demonyo Araw at Gabi Mga nagbubulungang mga demonyon lol kagaya ni Satanas na udyok kay Hesus Cristo.
#evildoers #blindsputniktattoo #boyaddict #killer #neigbhornagbubulungan ng kademonyohan.

Dapat ba tularan natin mga demonyong bubulungan at nagpahamak at nag udyok sa karamihan sa kasalanang ‪#‎evildoers‬
Killer ay Darkside Laban sa tao,
Kapitbahay namin, tambay saamin mga killer na haha.
Killer Massacre Taiwanese Peter St., Chinese Mathew St., Family John Paul St. at marami.
Gangster at Frat war 10-20 dead person, kabaon simula Kahabaan ng Dr. Santos Highway,
2 Granada sa tulay ni Kuya Corpuz Salvage ng Bumbay,
Bakla malapit sa lugar namin.
Kidnaping of Tawainese sa Judea St. and salvaged in Judea St.
#kabalukturang Pag iisip haha Maliit na unit palang magulo na,
paano dumami populasyon nito LOL.
The Killer is darkside against people.
Our Neighbor and standby in street that sings Demonds night's and day.
Killer ,ex. Massacre Taiwanese Peter St., Chinese Mathew St.,
Family John Paul St. and etc.
Gangster at Frat war 10-20 dead persons,
Caskets along Dr. Santos Highway,
2 GranAde on the bridge of Corpuz
Salvaged of Indian, Guy near our area.
Kidnaping of Tawainese in Judea St.
and salvaged in Judea St. #evilminded haha Small unit formed
and start big trouble, what if this population increasing. Lol
Not Just that  but Many  more haha lol #evildoers

Kawawa ang nasawi dahil sa bulong ng demonyo lol. #sucat Paranaque #bulong ng kaaway na bata lol
Ilog natin napakarumi dahil sa mga #evildoers at #bubulungang mga demonyo araw at gabi .
Nakaraan 24 year ilog sa John St. Napakalinis.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Theory of Earth Continental Drift

Star maybe faided star or brown dwarf star or Sirius 
That have planetary system.

My Own Theory of Universe: Total Super Freezing Theory

My Own Theory of Universe revise. 
Total Super Freezing Theory
Leo012 Theory (Theory of Universe)
At Beginning of Universe
Its Totaly Darkness,
Absolute Coldness
Infinite size.
But Universe is a Space
not a flat, 3 dimensional,
not empty,
Its Dusty and Compose of
Normal First Particle
Dark Matter
84.5% content on observable
Universe .
Because of absolute coldness
(according to WMAP CMB on
Observable Universe
Surround Constant temperature
their form on solid state of
First Particle and Dark Matter.
Contraction of Normal First
Particle and Dark Matter
because of state of
absolute Coldness.
Until two expand and collide,
occured a change reaction
and big explosion, similar A & B
explosive chemical powder.
Birth of first photons, elements,
strings of Physics, heat, and
Influence of Gravity created
on colliding, strong pulling
concentrated on center,
heavy dense,
super hot and fusion happen.
Until It Big Explosion again
happen many times until not
stop colliding of two Normal 1st
particle and Dark Matter.
Continued to Expand as seen by
Hubble Telescope because of
blue ship spetrum
and 13.7 billion light years
expansion as observable
The then birth of all Star,
Galaxy, Planet and other
known heavily bodies.
Until repeat and repeat again
as we see outer boundary of
explosion and space we know
is dark matter and normal
first particle.

Simulation of Universe by World Faster Computer Multiple times of Explosion

Prove of Existing of Dark Matter:
1. Galaxy X-Rays Could Emanate from Dark Matter Particles
2. Universe Expanding Symmetrically, Real-Time Analysis Shows

5. Fermi data tantalize clues to Dark Matter

6. Three NASA Telescopes Begin Hunt For Earliest Galaxies

7. Data Mining for Dark Matter

8.  What's 96 Percent of the Universe Made Of? Astronomers Don't Know

9. Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Evolution of Universe Like Never Before (Video, Images)

10. Could Tiny 'Black Hole Atoms' Be Elusive Dark Matter? - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Custom Rom for KXI 017 Gingerrbread

Custom Rom Gingerbread by Past88

Removed bloated
New Launcher
New 4gb Internal Memory (Old 2gb )
More tweaked
More faster than old rom.

Note: HDMI naka setup

Custom rom Gingerbread by Past88
Click for Pass

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fight For Rights, Ipag Laban ang Tama


One Day by Matisyahu
Posted by Fight For Rights, Ipag laban ang Tama on Monday, May 25, 2015

Terrorist in Voice threat with us, must exposed the terror and jeopardize to us that killed many life Kentex, South Korea Ferry, Mh370, Relative, Luneta Siege , SAF44, Ramos IT murder, Taiwan Gas leak and etc. The Drug pushers and terrorists my previous work.
(translated in 한국어 not too accurately)
우리와 음성 위협 테러는 반드시 많은 생
활 Kentex, 한국 페리, Mh370, 상대, Luneta Siege, SAF44 등 약물 푸셔와 테
러리스트 Ramos IT 살인, 대만의 가스 누
출을 죽인 우리에게 공포와 위험에 노출
된 내 이전 작품.
Ganon rin naman sila saakin maraming nabangit na treat sakin my ikinalat ika panganib namin at kumitil ng maraming buhay, Kentex, South Korea Ferry, Mh370, Relative, Luneta Siege , SAF44, Ramos IT murder, Taiwan Gas leak at madami .
mga drug addict at terrorista mga dati pinasukan ko.
Jonald Ramos IT Murder Case
Salvaged , Murder and Killing in Philippines not yet that much more.
Live KBS Live KBS

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Justice League: War (2014)

The world's finest heroes found the Justice League in order to stop an alien invasion of Earth.